If you are like us

You likely are hard working almost to a fault, yet you want the freedom to do what you want when you want. 
You became an entrepreneur or want to so you can build your dream life, have wealth, and time. 

If you are like us, this kind of out of the box thinking is rare in your circle?

We’re that group of buddies that wants what you want.

Ok I'm interested but tell me more… 

What YOU Get...

  • A tribe of likeminded driven people from various industries. 
  • Bi -Weekly Jam Session calls where put member companies in the spotlight for feedback from multiple successful entrepreneurs.
  • Get impactful new ideas that will help your business grow and scale.
  • A growing library of step-by-step playbooks for additional rev streams or side hustles 
  • Learn from successful entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes. 

“For less than the price of a cable package,
I’ve gained a wealth of actionable knowledge and connections.”

- Michael Kauffman

Hmm..sounds expensive…

Knowledge and mentorship are the single most valuable things you can ever buy. 

  • How much would it be worth to bounce a potential business idea off other entrepreneurs before spending tens of thousands of dollars?
  • How much would you pay to get an extra week of vacation every year?
  • How hard would it be create an extra $200 in your business?
  • Most communities charge as much or more per month as we do per year.
  • Entrepreneurship is lonely and this community is about building a network we can lean on.
  • Cody has been able to create an authentic community where there is a genuine passion from everyone involved to help other people succeed while we all walk our own individual paths to success. As an MBA with years of business consulting experience I’m still learning new things participating in this community. 
    Jay Nichol
    - Entrepreneur
  • I've learned more in 3 months, than I did in 3 years of college. Seriously changing the way I view everything.
    Chance Voegele
  • The Lab is a resource of real people sharing real business inspired experience, strategies and mindset in a bar chat atmosphere where topics have no limits. The participant entrepreneurial experience is at all levels allowing you to feel comfortable no matter where you are in your journey. I look forward to it every week and leave each Jam Session a better version of my self.
    Bradley Bennett
    Assistant Manager at Clarendon Farms
  • I've been an entrepreneur my whole life, even before I knew what an entrepreneur really was. I have always been a hard worker and can really grind it out when need be. After many lessons of getting kicked in the teeth along the way, I've realized just hard work alone is not always the answer. You need to be pushed to your limits and learn how to grow. One of the best ways I have been able to grow as a person and entrepreneur has been talking and learning from other like-minded people. Entrepreneurship is about getting new skills, beliefs and opening your mind. To grow we need to find the areas that we are lacking in and realize why we are lacking. The Rich ideas lab is the very place to do all of them. As soon as Cody started talking about the Rich ideas lab, I knew I was in. The money spent on a year membership should not even be a question in your mind about joining this. There are some many great people on here already and is only going to get better with time. As Cody and many others have said before, your either growing or dying, which do you want to be?
    Bob Romeu
  • I’ve basically been a serial entrepreneur for 20 years and I would be 20 years farther ahead had something like this been available to me then. The value of the knowledge received and the network formed here on this platform is astounding.
    Jacob Opplet
    Serial Entrepreneur
  • Networking, dialoguing with practitioners, idea testing, and a group of like-minded individuals are invaluable to anyone continuing to grow their business acumen.
    Rocky C.
    Accounting and Finance University Faculty Member
  • The Ideas lab has been well worth the money, just for a daily dose of inspiration and knowledge that can help you think in a different way.
    Justin Klement
  • One of the most valuable assets you will have in your career is your network. Invest in yourself and this model could accelerate your network by decades.
    Ryan P
    Sales Director at ProSource Produce

Jam Sessions....

Connect with people who have already done what you’re trying to achieve, in a bar chat atmosphere.

  • Watch them think through difficult decisions “out loud”
  • Learn what’s working for them vs. what’s not
  • Ask specific questions and get detailed, concrete how-to’s
  • Bounce ideas and get inspired
  • Build relationships that can unlock key parts of your business

Get live bi-weekly calls + community + tools + resources for $199/year

(That's only $17 a Month)

Zero-Regret Money-Back Guarantee

We’ll never force you to stay if you don’t want to. If you’re not into it, get your money back in full, no questions asked. Seriously, how hard would it be to make an extra $199 in your business? 

What’s stopping you? 

Buy now and get ($499) Bonus

Sign up today and get access to the Time and Money Entrepreneur Course 100% free.

  • Scaling your project from a job to an asset.
  • How to create once and have momentum.
  • What systems you need to build to get your time back.

Frequently Raised Objections

1I'm really not the networking type.
Totally understand. While you will get the most out of being active, there are a lot of people like you who to more watching than talking. That's totally fine you are welcome to sit back and take everything in. I'm sure you will pick up many tips to help you grow and scale.
2Why spend money on a digital product I can’t touch?
It’s true that material things are so much more…tactile. Communities and more specifically relationships can be the highest ROI of your life. You just never know who you are going to meet that may open a door worth a million dollars.
3I can use the money to pick someone’s brain for 1 hour.
Hope there’s a good medium-rare ribeye involved at least?
4I can look up everything I need online.
True. It’s honestly all out there somewhere waiting for someone to put it together. If your time is worth $2 an hour you are probably better off pouring through YouTube it is a valuable start. For me I will gladly pay for a course that I get one nugget of info out of because it saves me time, and time is money.
5I want a self-improvement course.
Sorry, no rainbows and butterflies here. Only practical advice you can implement today.
6I don’t have the time.
Life is busy! You need to make time to make time though. Maybe time freedom is not your priority right now, and that’s ok.
7I’m already part of a free business group on Facebook.
Fair. I have no doubt you can find very valuable nuggets of wisdom there sometimes if you’re patient enough to comb through the self-promotion posts.

“I want time freedom but I’m a complete newbie where can I start?

Step 1: Map Check Challenge

If you don’t know where you want to go yet…

Start with a guided exercise that will clarify your end goal and then map out exactly how you want to get there. Map Check Challenge- FREE

Step 2: Playbooks

Next develop a skill that is going to get you paid. 

Our Playbooks can layout a roadmap to help you decide where you want to go. Depending on what you plan to build you will want to develop a skill that is going to help you reach your goals laid out in you map check challenge. 

Step 3: Learn Leverage

If you want time and money you need to learn how to scale

Our community is filled with entrepreneurs who are building businesses that allow them wealth and freedom. There are 3 main levers you can use to achieve this.  

  • Media
  • Labor
  • capital
Whether you you use one, all three, or a combination this is how you truly become free and build the life you dream of. Is it easy? no. Is it worth it? Yes