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What is Rich Ideas Lab?

Ideas. Resources. Network. Market Data.

- Access to business Ideas you can start in a weekend
- The resources to teach you how to execute
- The network to inspire and push you
- The market data to take you to the next level

We Take you from "There has to be more to life" to "Freedom of time, money, worry".

Stop saying somedayLife is so short and honestly spending it building someone else's dream is a shame. It has never been easier to create generate a "living" that doesn't tie you to a desk or a 40 hour a week job.

We want to build a community that not only inspires you to build that life, but one with the resources to absolutely crush it. Right now the price is set at $199 a year and will be going up after the first 100 people sign up. We could easily charge $1,999.99 a year for our playbooks and courses but this is about building a great community.



Ideas you can start in a weekend!

We show you opportunities through the lens of evaluating hundreds of successful and scalable projects.

Whether inspiring your first project, or showing you how to add income streams to your current business, a constant flow of creativity is a must.


Playbooks take you from confused to confident.

We are continuously putting out Playbooks to show you how to take an idea from a thought to actual dollars.


Your network is your net worth!

Most people will live their lives staying secure with what they know, never pushing to see if they can actually make the life they know they want. Surround yourself with people who aren’t that. You are either growing, or you’re dying. Let’s grow together!

Market Data

We do the work to show you what is working and what is a fad

The age of information has created an overabundance of data. We help you distinguish the signal from the noise.


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What Members are Saying:

  • If you're looking to find financial freedom, you've found your honey-hole
    Chance Voegele
  • The Lab is a resource of real people sharing real business inspired experience, strategies and mindset in a bar chat atmosphere where topics have no limits. The participant entrepreneurial experience is at all levels allowing you to feel comfortable no matter where you are in your journey. I look forward to it every week and leave each Jam Session a better version of my self.
    Bradley Bennett
    Assistant Manager at Clarendon Farms
  • I've been an entrepreneur my whole life, even before I knew what an entrepreneur really was. I have always been a hard worker and can really grind it out when need be. After many lessons of getting kicked in the teeth along the way, I've realized just hard work alone is not always the answer. You need to be pushed to your limits and learn how to grow. One of the best ways I have been able to grow as a person and entrepreneur has been talking and learning from other like-minded people. Entrepreneurship is about getting new skills, beliefs and opening your mind. To grow we need to find the areas that we are lacking in and realize why we are lacking. The Rich ideas lab is the very place to do all of them. As soon as Cody started talking about the Rich ideas lab, I knew I was in. The money spent on a year membership should not even be a question in your mind about joining this. There are some many great people on here already and is only going to get better with time. As Cody and many others have said before, your either growing or dying, which do you want to be?
    Bob Romeu
  • I’ve basically been a serial entrepreneur for 20 years and I would be 20 years farther ahead had something like this been available to me then. The value of the knowledge received and the network formed here on this platform is astounding.
    - Jacob Opplet
    Serial Entrepreneur
  • Networking, dialoguing with practitioners, idea testing, and a group of like-minded individuals are invaluable to anyone continuing to grow their business acumen.
    Rocky C.
    Accounting and Finance University Faculty Member
  • The Ideas lab has been well worth the money, just for a daily dose of inspiration and knowledge that can help you think in a different way.
    Justin Klement
  • One of the most valuable assets you will have in your career is your network. Invest in yourself and this model could accelerate your network by decades.
    Ryan P
    Sales Director at ProSource Produce

Stop saying someday,
Start creating your dream life

Join Rich Ideas Lab, you won't regret it.

In fact we're so sure, we will give you every penny back, and you can keep all the knowledge you gained. If you say no to that you must hate the idea of becoming a better version of yourself.

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This course is the ultimate guide to understanding the frameworks that will make you successful in building the life you want.

After building 3 successful companies Cody Rich shares his guide to how to evaluate, grow, scale and systematize a business so that you not only work for yourself but also have the freedom to do what you want, when you want.