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UGC aka User Generated Content is 100% the best side hustle right now. The best part is that you DO NOT need any followers. This playbook will walk you through, step-by-step, on how to make your first $1000 and more.
Struggling to make extra money? Our playbook can help you turn your content into a profitable venture! Our step-by-step guide covers finding brands, pitching your content, and making real money from User-Generated Content (UGC). We even provide the exact pitch our team used to secure over $6,000 in paid gigs! Achieve your goals with our proven playbook.  Again you don't need a following at all and actually it's often preferred. 
What is UGC Anyway?
If you aren't familiar with UGC don't worry, it's a fairly new term. User Generated Content ("UGC"), is essentially making content for brands. 

For the last two decades, brands have leaned on creative agencies to create content for them--the higher the quality the better. Consumer behavior shifted, which resulted in a shift in how brands market. Now days, the more organic the look and feel, the better. 

In fact, I'd bet the second you see a highly produced video in your social feed you scroll past knowing it was an ad. Instead of paying agencies tens of thousands of dollars to create an ad, brands can now pay everyday folks a couple hundred dollars and get their brand's message to far greater numbers. 

That's where you come in! If you have a cell phone, you can capitalize on this market trend while learning a great in demand skill along the way. No following necessary!  

My Guarantee!

The best part is that this playbook offers such a direct ROI that you simply can't say no. If I said give me $50 and I'll give you $5000 back, you would find every $50 bill you could get your hands on right?

For a limited time only, if you put in the work, follow the playbook, I will personally pay you to make your first UGC video through my company.

How is that for a money back guarantee?
- Cody Rich 

UGC Playbook

  • Learn an in demand skill
  • Make $250 + per hour
  • Learn how to craft your pitch
  • Create a professional portfolio
  • Learn how to scale to $5,000 + a month.








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